Dental Face Lift in Turkey

Today, there is a high demand for dental facelift in Turkey, which is among the aesthetic services. The main reason for this is affordable operating fees. It is different from other aesthetic procedures. Because it provides changes in both the jaw and teeth. Therefore, a significant change occurs in the face. It is a service that is generally in demand by people over middle age. Especially in today's conditions, we can easily say that the dental face lift process is applied successfully.

Due to aging, some problems in the teeth and jaw begin to occur. Because of this, sagging occurs on the face. These problems are also the reason why the edges of the lips fall down. If left untreated, wrinkles gradually increase. For people who attach great importance to their physical appearance, wrinkles are a big problem. But nowadays it is possible to remove it with a minor surgery. In other words, aging has been prevented to a large extent. At this point, it is possible to state that the dental facelift procedure brings with it a very sensitive process.

What is a Dental Face Lift?

It is also called holistic facial aesthetics. It allows the facial lines and jaw structure to be changed as desired. This procedure is performed without surgery. Mostly, dental facelift operation is applied when there is loss of tissues in the back teeth. After the surgery, people need some time for the new images to settle. With regular massage, their face can be settled quickly. As time passes, a noticeable change will be noticed.

It is mandatory to use a night plate after the operation. Because facial tissues will try to return to the old times at first. For this, the problem of grinding the teeth arises. The night plate allows this problem to be avoided. It should be used in the first two months after the surgery. In this way, it is ensured that the transactions made are permanent. It is also necessary to go to regular check-ups. Control intervals are usually six months. But the doctor will decide the best time.

Dental Face Lift Prices in Turkey

Over the years, some people's teeth may wear out. There are many reasons for this. Improper brushing, consuming too much acidic drinks and clenching teeth are some of these reasons. At the same time, the use of toothpastes, which contain a large amount of abrasive, also paves the way for wear. Therefore, tooth whitening pastes should not be purchased without consulting a doctor. Because not all of them are of the same quality.

Aesthetic procedures are very costly all over the world. Therefore, the demanded wages are high. However, it is not possible to give exact salary information. Because it varies according to many factors. The preferred surgical method and the experience of the doctor who will perform it can be given as examples of these factors. Recently, dental facelift prices in Turkey have been frequently researched. Because it is more suitable than many countries. Thus, it will be possible for you to receive such services in accordance with your demand.

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How is a Dental Face Lift Performed?

The interest in dental facelift, which has been popular especially among celebrities recently, is huge. Therefore, it takes its place among the most frequently searched transactions on the internet. The stages of vaccination are indicated.

  • First inspection
  • Making measurements
  • Detailed x-rays

First of all, the person who wants to have the application is checked by the doctors. Some may also have problems such as biting the cheek or tongue. You may also experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods. However, it is possible for people who do not have problems to have it done if they wish. After the conversation with the patient takes place, photographs of the person are taken from many angles. In this way, the problem areas are determined.

During detection, the proportions and shape of the face are determined. Necessary measurements are taken. Detailed dental x-rays are taken. One of the most important measurements is the distance between the nose and chin tips. At the same time, the distance from the pupils to the tip of the nose is very important in the dental face lift application. After these two measurements are made, they are compared in detail.

It is inevitable to experience some problems after the operation. Chewing is one of these problems. The reason for this is the change in the tooth surfaces. Adoption time varies from person to person. Some of them get used to it in two weeks, while in others it can only take up to 1 month. It can also be felt in the muscles of the face. There are some methods that are good for these pains. Hot towel, massage pen and physical therapy are some of these methods. It is also known that facial yoga is of great benefit.