Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Tooth extraction is performed after tooth decay. It is important that the teeth are healthier and usable. Tooth extraction is very important for those who have problems with their teeth. There are places that do tooth extraction in Turkey. In this way, you will start to ensure that the problems related to your teeth are resolved as quickly as possible. Tooth extractions can be done in two different ways, local and anesthesia. It appears as a process in which the patient will recover quickly and continue his life from where he left off. It can be expressed as the successful removal of teeth after surgical intervention.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction; It is a 10-15 minute procedure performed by the surgeon. Tooth extraction is one of the ways used in cases where tooth tissue is lost. After realizing that the tooth cannot be healed, tooth extraction begins. The faster you act, the better. Because it will cause both inflammation of the gums and damage to the surrounding of the tooth.

Technological advances are used during tooth extraction. It is also tried to provide a solution to the root problem of the tooth. Before tooth extraction, first efforts are made to save the natural teeth. If there is no possibility of saving the tooth in the examinations to be made, then tooth extraction is applied.

Why Is The Tooth Extracted?

When we examine why the tooth is pulled, it is applied in cases that cannot be saved with fillings and veneers. It is tried to extract the decayed and broken teeth quickly and without any problems. After the examinations made by the orthodontist, tooth extraction is applied when deemed necessary.

Tooth extraction should be done without wasting time. Because it will cause problems related to other teeth and gums to occur. It will be inevitable that teeth that are not treated will turn into loss more quickly.

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How Is Tooth Extraction Performed?

Tooth extraction is a painless procedure. In cases where there is no treatment for the tooth, the operation is applied in cases where bone problems have arisen with the tooth root. Operations are generally performed successfully under the name of anesthesia. Tooth extraction is successfully completed by removing the tooth from the cage section.

  • Tooth extraction is done by private surgeons
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the area where tooth extraction will be performed.
  • In case of major surgery, the amount of anesthesia to be applied to the patient will start to increase even more.
  • With the effect of anesthesia, the transition to the stage of tooth extraction will begin.
  • The tooth is moved back and forth with the help of forceps. In the remaining part, it is normal for a cavity to form.
  • Putty can be applied to the hollow part in order to prevent germs.

How long the tooth extraction will take is also a matter of curiosity by the patients. Tooth extraction is performed within a period of approximately 10-15 minutes.

Tooth Extraction Before

You should know that before tooth extraction is as important as after tooth extraction. Points to be considered before tooth extraction should definitely not be skipped. As Dentbul, we inform our patients in the most effective way about what they should do before tooth extraction. Because the patient's health is paramount. Before tooth extraction, x-rays should be taken and examinations should be made. Many features such as the size and shape of the tooth will be seen even better with x-rays.

With X-rays, specialist surgeons may have a better chance of estimating the degree of difficulty. It will also become more clear whether you should go to a maxillofacial surgeon or not. The surrounding of the tooth, which we can describe as a simple procedure, is also anesthetized with local anesthesia to make it ready.

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What Should I Pay Attention To After Tooth Extraction?

After tooth extraction, it is an issue that should be carefully considered at least as much as before. After tooth extraction, patients should pay attention to the following factors. These;

  • Mouth should not be rinsed for half an hour after tooth extraction.
  • After tooth extraction, you should bite the tampon to be placed on the extracted area for 10-15 minutes.
  • Bleeding after tooth extraction may be excessive. In such cases, one of the most important solution points you will do is to see a specialist surgeon immediately.
  • After shooting, do not eat spicy and hot things at the same time.

If there is a lot of bleeding and persistent pain in your tooth for 24 hours, then you should go to the dentist without neglecting it.

Recovery After Tooth Extraction

Among the most curious subjects, the recovery process after tooth extraction can be called. Recovery after tooth extraction may differ from person to person. Considering the recovery period, it can take up to 2 weeks. In general, swelling may occur in the hollow place after tooth extraction. There may be a possibility of problems in cases such as biting and chewing disorders. But you can recover within 1-2 weeks of tooth healing.

Tooth Extraction Prices in Turkey

The question of how much tooth extraction costs in Turkey is related to the place you will go. If you want to benefit from a professional service and have a reasonable price, you are in the right place. As Dentbul, we continue to provide you with an excellent service. At the same time, we continue to offer a level of satisfaction to patients in terms of transportation and accommodation. From now on, you will start to encounter the high-quality services you want in Turkey.

Tooth Extraction in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Tooth Extraction Take?

Questions abound about how long the tooth extraction will take. However, we can state that tooth extraction is not a very long process. That's why we can say that we can do your tooth extraction process in 10-15 minutes.